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tired: forking f-droid because they wont ban FreeTusky

wired: building an alternate store because f-droid doesn't use bit torrent
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A post about setting up a mobile friendly #XMPP server:

TL;DR: Use ejabberd. Set up a cron job to trim message history and network activity logs - they *will* go out of hand.

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"Generosity and inclusivity are at times purported as primary drivers of maker culture. In maker spaces, we are expected to ‘share’ and ‘open source’ our discoveries, just as the space shares tools amongst members."

- Art Hack Practice (p. 4). Taylor and Francis.

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is your child a Member of Antifa? here's how to decode their secret anti-government messages:

MTF: Mail The Firearms
FTM: Fuck The Military
AMAB: All Millionaires Are Bastards
AFAB: Assassinate the Fascists, Assassinate the Bourgeois
HRT: Hurry, Read Trotsky
SRS: Socialist Revolution Strategy
NB: No Bourgeoisie
Egg: a Sleeper Agent
Deadname: an Assassination Target
Binder: a Dossier of Sabotage Targets and Political Enemies
Passing: Concealing your Radical Communism from Family

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reddit, shell v golang 

Top submission on the Golang subreddit: “Instead of the shell, just use Golang as your scripting language! I don’t understand how loops and other stuff work in bash, so I better use go”

I mean, sure, if you have the Golang compiler installed anyway, why not..?

Loops, iterators etc are working principles on any shell since the 80s, not sure why that’s such a problem all of sudden..?

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Panel discussion on Personal Data Protection Bill with @swecha

Speakers: Jochai-Ben-Avie, Head of International Public Policy & Amba Kaka, Public Policy Advisor at Mozilla

#pirvacy #swecha #mozilla #india #dataprotection

@njoseph_1 The current feature only allows you to subscribe to a single hashtag. You cant track multiple hashtags at once?

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"Instead of enshrining Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft as the Internet’s permanent overlords and then striving to make them as benign as possible, we can fix the Internet by making Big Tech less central to its future."

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"Doing Science and Building career in Science", both are different!

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me: excuse me sir, mastodon is a decentralized and federated social network and most of the major instances have blocked gab

VICE editor: * exhales massive blast of lound * what

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