"I claim the right to be a cyborg" - @NeilHarbisson@twitter.com A great article by @LaVanguardia@twitter.com about Neil (TWA'16 resident) and his life as a . He has an antenna implanted in his skull with which he perceives infrared, ultraviolet and space images. lavanguardia.com/tecnologia/20

This Saturday night come participate in an immersive experience that reveals the intertwined story of human and rats. alum Gal Nissim presents her project The Synanthrope Preserve: The First to Cross. eventbrite.com/e/the-first-to-?

How do our own biases seep into A.I. algorithms? On Oct. 29th 6:30pm 8:00pm @cooperhewitt@twitter.com artist @RIOTAIfilm@twitter.com (Karen Palmer) and @nyuniversity@twitter.com prof and social psychologist will discuss A.I., human perception, and the future of design. cooperhewitt.org/event/dangero

Great article featuring alums @zachkrall@twitter.com and @jasonlevine@twitter.com on their ! @nytimes@twitter.com
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I feel a bit like a proud mom https://ww@zachkrall@twitter.comcom/2@jasonlevine@twitter.comyle/live-code-music.html@nytimes@twitter.com

Read how 'FACE VALUES' @cooperhewitt@twitter.com is challenging biases hidden within systems - where AI resident @RIOTAIfilm@twitter.com (Karen Palmer's) immersive film project analyzes the emotions of viewers, and brings bias to the forefront. @smithsonian@twitter.com smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian

alum @juliabarrymusic@twitter.com has helped build Habitat: Home - a -building project powered by art. Join them for free NYC performances exploring what ‘home’ means right now. @HabitatHomeUS@twitter.com habitathome.us/

Interested in building prototypes in mixed-reality to raise awareness while promoting sustainable development goals? @garage__stories@twitter.com in Barcelona has invited @xuv@twitter.com to be a mentor in their week long from Oct. 17-24. Sign-up ends Oct 7th!

Interested in building prototypes in mixed-reality to raise awareness while promoting sustainable development goals? @garage__stories@twitter.com in Barcelona has invited @xuv@twitter.com.be to be a mentor in their week long from Oct. 17 - 24. Sign-up ends Oct 7th! garagestories.org/lhospitalet-

resident @rashinfahandej@twitter.com selected to exhibit @ICAinBOSTON@twitter.com Biennial. This is a must see! Rashin's work is an absolute labor of love, ignites collaboration with the community, and expands visual poetry. @scatterco@twitter.com thoughtworksarts.io/blog/insti

The Democratization of via Blockchain residency begins this week in San Francisco. Resident team: @MaxRazdow@twitter.com Ollie Razdow, and @jamiezigelbaum@twitter.com will begin - a project focused on remote collaboration and distributed story-telling. thoughtworksarts.io/blog/max-r

From the exhibition Face Values at @cooperhewitt@twitter.com where @RIOTAIfilm@twitter.com discussed developing her project with a team of . The evening was an opportunity to explore the immersive installations with the artists present. @TobiiPro@twitter.com cooperhewitt.org/events/curren

From last night’s event The Artist’s Voice @ICAinBOSTON@twitter.com resident @rashinfahandej@twitter.com speaking on her project A Father’s Lullaby and challenging the justice system. The evening also celebrated her exhibition which runs through Dec 31st.

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A Father’s Lullaby invites everyone to create a sonic landscape by recording lullaby and stories online fatherslullaby.org @ICAinBOSTON@twitter.com

Incredible work by TWA’s resident Rashin Fahandej. Her social justice project A Father’s Lullaby is now on display at @ICAinBOSTON@twitter.com . A must see!
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Unlike destruction, creation is an immensely tedious act of selfless, sustained commitments & collaborations. is a labor o@ICAinBOSTON@twitter.comm deeply grateful to everyone who carried us with love, am…

Check out our latest newsletter! resident @rashinfahandej@twitter.com is currently exhibiting A Father’s Lullaby @ICAinBOSTON@twitter.com And artist Karen Palmer’s immersive film Perception iO is @cooperhewitt@twitter.com thoughtworksarts.io/newsletter

opens in Barcelona! What a great evening of collaborations, explorations, and community! and pizza! We're thrilled that @hardwarehacklab@twitter.com has the ability to expand in new spaces around the globe! meetup.com/Hardware-Hack-Lab-B

Listen in to Julien Deswaef (@xuv@twitter.com) talk about ThoughtWorks Arts, @scatterco@twitter.com and the residency in NY, with in Barcelona who recently started a podcast in collaboration with a local public radio. mixcloud.com/RadioPrimaveraSou

Face Values: Exploring opens today @cooperhewitt@twitter.com Come analyze your hidden bias in Karen Palmer’s immersive film project Perception iO. cooperhewitt.org/events/curren

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