"I claim the right to be a cyborg" - @NeilHarbisson@twitter.com A great article by @LaVanguardia@twitter.com about Neil (TWA'16 resident) and his life as a . He has an antenna implanted in his skull with which he perceives infrared, ultraviolet and space images. lavanguardia.com/tecnologia/20

How do our own biases seep into A.I. algorithms? On Oct. 29th 6:30pm 8:00pm @cooperhewitt@twitter.com artist @RIOTAIfilm@twitter.com (Karen Palmer) and @nyuniversity@twitter.com prof and social psychologist will discuss A.I., human perception, and the future of design. cooperhewitt.org/event/dangero

alum @juliabarrymusic@twitter.com has helped build Habitat: Home - a -building project powered by art. Join them for free NYC performances exploring what ‘home’ means right now. @HabitatHomeUS@twitter.com habitathome.us/

Interested in building prototypes in mixed-reality to raise awareness while promoting sustainable development goals? @garage__stories@twitter.com in Barcelona has invited @xuv@twitter.com to be a mentor in their week long from Oct. 17-24. Sign-up ends Oct 7th!

From the exhibition Face Values at @cooperhewitt@twitter.com where @RIOTAIfilm@twitter.com discussed developing her project with a team of . The evening was an opportunity to explore the immersive installations with the artists present. @TobiiPro@twitter.com cooperhewitt.org/events/curren

From last night’s event The Artist’s Voice @ICAinBOSTON@twitter.com resident @rashinfahandej@twitter.com speaking on her project A Father’s Lullaby and challenging the justice system. The evening also celebrated her exhibition which runs through Dec 31st.

Incredible work by TWA’s resident Rashin Fahandej. Her social justice project A Father’s Lullaby is now on display at @ICAinBOSTON@twitter.com . A must see!
RT @rashinfahandej@twitter.com
Unlike destruction, creation is an immensely tedious act of selfless, sustained commitments & collaborations. is a labor o@ICAinBOSTON@twitter.comm deeply grateful to everyone who carried us with love, am…

opens in Barcelona! What a great evening of collaborations, explorations, and community! and pizza! We're thrilled that @hardwarehacklab@twitter.com has the ability to expand in new spaces around the globe! meetup.com/Hardware-Hack-Lab-B

Face Values: Exploring opens today @cooperhewitt@twitter.com Come analyze your hidden bias in Karen Palmer’s immersive film project Perception iO. cooperhewitt.org/events/curren

artist @RIOTAIfilm@twitter.com (TWA'17) speaking 9/16 @cooperhewitt@twitter.com National Design Museum : CURATOR, COMPUTER, CREATOR: A DISCUSSION ON MUSEUMS AND AI IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Don't miss her immersive film project Perception iO that opens @cooperhewitt@twitter.com on Friday! cooperhewitt.org/events/curren

Karen Palmer (TWA’17) who works in and will be exhibiting her immersive film project Perception iO @cooperhewitt@twitter.com Sept. 20th - May 17, '20. Hear her speak TODAY 6:30-9 on why she's developing work that analyzes unconscious bias. cooperhewitt.org/event/curator

We're thrilled to share that resident (TWA18') @CatieCuan@twitter.com has been included in the inaugural class of AAAS IF/THEN Ambassadors! 124 women and Catie will share their stories as . To learn more visit lnkd.in/ejyf4ER
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📢Meet the 125 AAAS IF/THEN® Ambassadors: bit.ly/2@CatieCuan@twitter.com will support the Ambassadors to tell the world…

Our partner for the Democratization of via Blockchain residency, @snarkdotart@twitter.com was selected to exhibit their collaboration at the premier of the @ArsElectronica@twitter.com Festival -one of the leading art and technology events in the world! Congrats! ars.electronica.art/outofthebo

Our partner for the Democratization of AI via Blockchain residency, @snarkdotart@twitter.com has been selected to exhibit their collaboration at the premier of the @ArsElectronica@twitter.com Festival. Congrats!

.@xuv@twitter.com presenting ThoughtWorks Arts programs at in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The festival brought together tech minds from across the globe, all eager to expand the reach of engineer and art collaborations.
Take a look at what we do thoughtworksarts.io/programs/

and composer @juliabarrymusic@twitter.com is helping to build a hybrid art project called Habitat: Home. If you'd like to support them in leveraging the power of the to work toward a healthier, more peaceful country, the campaign is open until 8/31! fundraising.fracturedatlas.org

Today through 8/18 @xuv@twitter.com will be at in Porto Alegre, Brazil, a festival dedicated to exploring , , and in tech. Julien will present how programs @tw_arts@twitter.com spark innovation through artist and engineer incubations bsfestival.com.br/

What happens when artists and engineers work together? On August 15 @xuv@twitter.com will be giving a talk at , hosted at the renown @maspmuseu@twitter.com in São Paulo, Brasil, on how collaborations between artists and engineers foster innovation in . sympla.com.br/xconf-brasil-201

Last week to check out former resident @hdeweyh@twitter.com solo show "At the Temperature of My Body" @FridmanGallery@twitter.com "A meditation on intimacy and obsession in an emerging world of biotechnological rituals..."

.@VolumetricEllen@twitter.com just returned from EKA (Estonia Academy of Art) where she started working on AIBO, an emotionally intelligent and opera, funded by her GoPro Social Residency through @vertigo_starts@twitter.com. Read about Ellen's plans for AIBO vertigo.starts.eu/article/deta

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