Update from my weekend of moving my boat home upstream:
1. I learned to patch large holes in the cooling system of my motor while under sail
2. I learned to bleed air out of the motor
3. I learned about calling for help and getting a tow

In conclusion: total loss of maneuverability in the literal middle of Europe's 3rd largest port considered harmful.

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@egrasmed I’m glad you seem to have got out of this situation safely.

@judeswae we managed to find our harbor with minimal permanent damage. I'm amazed, and proud of the crew and the ship! I will definitely be spending the next few months just practicing various maneuvers barely outside the port.


@egrasmed Do you know the folks from Lovis (lovis.de/)? It's just a nice ship, association, and group of people! I keep thinking that you should meet each other (if you haven't done so yet).

@asteinha I think you told me about them once, I'll follow up with them someday!

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