It’s been years (decades maybe) since I’ve watched a sitcom. My wife is watching The Connors. The laugh track they include is... disturbing. I wonder if the script for each episode includes the point to inject the laughter and for how long/what type of laughing....


I assume there's an audio technician (almost certainly not his/her title) whose job it is to watch the scene(s) with hands on some controls, inserting certain kinds of laughs (chucks, belly laughs, etc) at the right times and of the correct duration and level.

And is this something the director gets involved in.

"More guffaw. That line kills."

@smays “what do you do for a living?”

“I tell people when to laugh”


Once upon a time sitcoms were filmed before a live audience that either laughed legit or laughed when the sign flashed? But it's long been canned. And how did they get authentic laughter to put IN the can? Damned hard to fake laugh. I've got a LOT of questions.

@smays I assume they laugh track is a recording of genuine laughs at some funny thing. I think they are indeed real laughs, but just recorded and played on cue for sitcoms now.

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