@judeswae thanks, that makes sense. I often have issues with the Android internal browser

@judeswae hmm, I can't seem to specify an external browser in current (17.0) - under "browser" I only have "use chrome custom tabs" which makes no difference.
Going to give up and try other apps I think, I probably should raise an issue with Tusky also.

@ksietsma Sorry to hear this. Do you have some privacy settings in your phone that deletes cookies or similar things when the browser closes or something?

@judeswae nope, nothing unusual that I know of. I have raised an issue, they are asking for how to test SAML! :) github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issu
Not sure if you or @mheiber can help them?

@ksietsma We’re not going to be able to provide them with a login on our instance. But maybe @mheiber has a better idea.

@ksietsma Did you try login with the official app? I just did about a week or two ago, following the process I mentioned to you to do it twice. And it worked. Can you report if it fails the same way? @mheiber

@judeswae @ksietsma Unfortunately, there is no "easy" way to test the SAML integration .. I observed a similar behavior with other apps before and it helped to just run through the same routine again (because you're now logged in it might work).

I think the issue lies somewhere between the apps obscure expectations and us not accepting "any" redirect (i.e. app expects the SAML workflow to redirect the response towards a local response; but our SAML configuration doesn't allow for that)

@mheiber @judeswae having exactly the same problem with - toot.thoughtworks.com loads OK in a browser panel but the app doesn't seem to recognise the sign on worked. When I reload the app it doesn't remember the previous auth attempt.

@mheiber @judeswae I'm going to raise a ticket with them as well, when I'm not doing parenting duties!


@ksietsma @mheiber @judeswae works well on my Android phone. I didn't have any issues setting it up.

@ckluente @mheiber @judeswae maybe it's just me? Or using an old-ish Pixel 2? My normal phone (Fairphone 3+) is being fixed, possibly my old phone has some bit-rot somewhere

@ksietsma @ckluente @mheiber I have a pixel 2. And it worked back then. Reading your troubles now, I'm a bit scared to disconnect Tusky and reconnect, to try to see if I get the same issues. Maybe, in a YOLO moment, I'll do it. I just like using Tusky a lot. :)

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