At this rate, with airline delays, less than 48 hours at home this weekend. Normally I'd just stay here but I have so many shipments of clothes waiting on my doorstep for me :D

Flying on a 777 to CA tonight. I think the biggest plane I've ever flown on. Whereas NY flights were 80% gold/plat passengers in group 1, this one is 80% 1Ks. I'm just always outranked FML

Do you use tail -f ?
Love those annoying "are you watching" messages on Netflix?
Ever thought.. gee I wish I could combine both these things?

You wish has come true with tailflix!

and yes, of course it's written by a former ThoughtWorker :)

Finally reading the Microservices O'Reilly book. Surprising that it goes way beyond just service design to include continuous delivery/devops and also lays out the concept of evolutionary architectures.

Beach time - the only time I ever run software updates

Mastodon is this chain of people who don’t know they’re beautiful crushing on people who don’t know they’re beautiful.

if you're a programmer, you have two options:

- design for accessibility, or
- fuck right off

y'all posting your hot takes. but when will you hot give

3 google hangouts accounts for chat, slack, google chat, and a discord client. And that's just my laptop.

I've learned way more about remote collaboration in 1 year at TW than the 7 years I spent working remotely at startups.

I have no idea why anyone thought Karma.js was a good idea. It's a unit testing lib, you don't need a real DOM. You're running it in node.js as a CLI tool, why not just use jsdom? Now every angular app is cursed with extremely long test feedback cycles. Maybe it made sense for Angular framework devs but not for Angular projects.

Did I get this right?
Boomers: "I'll do everything the teacher tells me."
Gen X: "Fuck school."
Millenials: "What's the minimum I have to do to get an A?"

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