I'm speaking at Lambda World next week! TW BCN, let's meet up!

it is pretty weird that "make a living" just means "held hostage for labor"

If you're ever wondering how to console me when antisemitism has me down, talk to your coworkers about forming a union, talk to your neighbors about how you'd have there back during the revolution, sticker your neighborhood with anticapitalist and antifascist propaganda. Build the World to Come with me.

In a way, when we do Gd's work in the form of justice and kindness, we are embodying the Messiah and building the World to Come.
Franz Kafka put it like this, "The messiah will come only when he is no longer necessary; he will come only on the day after his arrival."

The last words we sing in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur are "Next Year in Jerusalem". It's a prayer for the coming of the Moshiach. It's said that the messiah will come because of our righteous actions, through us repairing the world with justice and kindness.

I know too many people who have narrowly survived various right wing attacks.

Pretty torn up about fascism and antisemitism today, y'all.

my bike brake cable goes through the inside of the bike frame, and i managed to replace the cable without losing the end inside the frame!

ActivityPub question: What are the minimal groupings of AP functionality that would be useful on their own? Maybe something like incoming message storage.

Thinking about how to build a composable set of AP microservices.

Corporations Hate This One Weird Trick 

I want a wind-up e-ink 8-bit hand-held computer now.

ideas i've had for games for a long time:

- an open world chibi robo: park patrol clone. concept is you need to grow flowering plants to push away toxic smog, in order to make pathways through the world (half-made with a comrade in unity)

- a rogue-like about killing fascists in the jungle (for the atari 2600, has been 80% finished for a couple years)

- a sick free MMO you can run on a raspberry pi, something really lightweight people in the global south can also enjoy in high latency, low bandwidth. needs to be easily moddable, where people can make their own assets and put them in the game

- a trading simulator for the 2600, called "strelka spreads communism", about the soviet dog launched into space.

- an actual dystopian 3rd person shooter RPG with good politics, unlike homefront: the revolution

- red faction: guerilla on steroids: a massive playground of destructible buildings where you fight the cops

- release all games as open source giftware, true to the early BBS/internet hacker culture

Happy New Year / שנה טובה, y'all

Let's get to work and fix this world!

Tomorrow, I'm striking to raise awareness and tell governments, companies, institutions and colleagues that the should be our number one priority.

For that reason, this account will be silenced.

You can find me at the demonstration, in , later in the day.

Sorry Berlin, the ThoughtWorks Munich office has a nice shiny piano and I guess this is my home office now.

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