ThoughtWorks is supporting an arts residency focused on data anarchism / data anti-capitalism! I love it.
You should apply and tell all your friends!

My colleague Kief Morris is curating the website "Infrastructure as Code", modeled after his book by the same name:

Also, he just made the source of the site, including all the useful information open source, so people can submit PRs and suggestions for improving the material:

I find it incredibly valuable, especially as a reference material. Have a read, improve it, let's all benefit from the aggregated knowledge!


Hacks/Hackers Berlin is back in March! Join us in the brand new newsroom of taz, Germany's original progressive, independent and cooperative-owned newspaper to discuss open source tools, funding, and nonprofit journalism.

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So I use Searx ( for my search engine, and I generally think it's good. But I just noticed this and it's killin me

honestly I'm so upset that my computer only has 1 clipboard and my body has 0

Lazy.jl has implemented in Julia my favorite macro which I love from Clojure ^_^

me, a year ago: lmao this character has bad impulse control so he legally changed his name to something ridiculous
me, now: oh no now I'M the one with bad impulse control and legal name change papers

Why I like image captions: you know what you're posting! and you probably have a different way of putting things than I do

Case in point: saw pic of dog; person who had posted it captioned it as " a potato with ears"

[conversation with search internet]

me: what is gradle?
- 5 minutes later -
me: why do i need a build tool?
- 2 minutes later -
me: fine, just tell me how to use gradle

in the future, the .com TLD will be reclaimed from the capitalists and can only be used for websites about communism

excuse me while i spend the next hour trying to split this string by an arbitrary character in cpp

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