i actually really enjoy looking up some of the most common bash things --- like if a variable exists/is truthy, or what the difference between " and ' is. these are enjoyable struggles to have for some reason

CO2 concentration in a meeting room right after a 4 hours meeting, and one hour after the meeting is done.

My brain is having a hard time separating the false cognates of Spanish "lo", the direct object / definite article word from the Hebrew word "לא", (lo) which means "no".

But apparently they're actual cognates when they mean "him" ("lo" and ״לע״ (lo))

i check on the shipping status of my new concertina several times a day ^_^

I figured out a pretty OK solution to make Anki tell me which language a card is prompting me for, and now I'm all in doing vocabulary in multiple languages in parallel.

Flashcard app: What does {word} mean?
Me: well, I know it in Hebrew, aren't you proud?
Flashcard app: yesterday this would have pleased me, but it means nothing to me now

[Update now that I've added 25 words to memorize in Spanish which overlaps with some of the Hebrew vocab I learned last month]

Holy hell this is gona be a trip

My goal is to be conversational by April, which feels ambitious and easy. Especially considering that it's tangential to other languages I know or have studied formally (unlike Hebrew). Let's see! Deséame suerte!

I've been acquiring Hebrew over years by saying prayers and singing songs that I don't understand. I think almost all the Spanish I know is based on TV/radio advertisements for "Mexican food" in the USA.

Now that I'm back to Germany, I will scale back my Hebrew learning and move on to Spanish.

i've been out of the office for 6 weeks and i forgot the words "firewall" and "vpn" which are very relevant for my work, so this will be a fun week

I'm gona go see my favorite musician tomorrow and I think I might actually die. All the feelings!

do i want to write a video game in clojure or any language? most assuredly no, but am i going to consider it, yes!

I've been in Jerusalem for a week or so and it has been, well a place of spiritual growth for me. I'm mad at how cliché that is.

I know 3 types of verbs in Hebrew in the present and the past tense and as a result I've forgotten entire years of my childhood

my colleagues: *sobbing* You can’t just call everything Kubernetes!
me: *points at picture* Kubernetes

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