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find solace in the fact that the job at hand does not change regardless of the results, the results only change the context that our flight takes place in

find like-minded friends, build duel power in your workplaces and communities, join the nearest SRA, learn to garden and to patch up a wound

make sure that when capitalism recedes from your area that something healthy is in its place

it took me two hours this morning to motivate myself to send a text. not idly while i did other productive stuff either, but 2 hours of laying in bed focusing entirely on the task of getting up and sending a text

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do neurotypical people just decide to clean and then go and clean?

rant on disability and mental illness 

I deeply dislike terms for disabilities which seeks to be inclusive and "tolerant" but really just exposes their proponent's ignorance and hypocrisy.

Don't call me "differently abled". I'm not differently abled, I'm disabled. Don't make it sound prettier for your own vanity.

I'm *not coping* in *your society* and you're not being inclusive or supportive, because "differently abled" implies that your society enables and supports *different ways to function* while leading a dignified and healthy life.

If you want to call me "differently abled" you must first implement "to each according to need, from each according to ability". There's no way around it.

Until that happens, acknowledge the fact that society is content with people like me leading a stressful, unfulfilling and unhealthy life, always wondering if tomorrow I'll be able to have a hot meal or if I'll have to beg relatives for a place to stay.

Introducing a new cryptocurrency with a revolutionary Proof of Snake consensus mechanism.
It 100% scales.

Me: "I'm sorry dear, I think we're going to lose trivia night. I just can't recall the name of a sequence of three consecutive items from a sample of text or speech."
My granddaughter: "Try, gram!"

The subject is not whether we accomplish anarchism today, tomorrow, or within ten centuries, but that we walk towards anarchism today, tomorrow, and always.
-- Errico Malatesta

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Meine Twitter-Empfehlung für heute:

Folgt - dem Volksentscheid, der für weniger Autos in der Stadt sorgt, der Politik dabei gütig hilft und Berlin lebenswerter macht:



I'm totally on board with Luke being able to communicate with his friends using the Force, but why can R2-D2 communicate with everything in the galaxy using that Forstner drill bit

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Having just watched 20 hours of Star Wars movies, my biggest question is that of hardware interfaces.

(i have a playlist of video game and movie soundtracks to work to)

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i found a smooth jazz cover of the music from the NES game, Kirby's Dreamland -- the harmonies and everything are amazing but smooth jazz just makes me feel like i'm in a waiting room in hell

my roommate is waiting for a corona test so we're all in quarantine. since last night we've watched 5 star wars movies

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