How do y'all get stakeholders people to come to your showcases?

futzing around on the thoughtworks mastodon instance counts as work, right?

lol the keynote tonight at goto is some guy named steve wozniak and apparently it's enjoyable to listen to him if you already know who he is

i did it. i closed the CSPAN tab and opened the Netflix tab. Time to watch "Pose" and read more of Emma's take on the Spanish Civil War.

Does anyone know anything about the Arbeitsstättenverordnung in Germany and doing away with cis-sexist toilets at work? My office is full of people who want to support nonbinary people and also follow the laws.

When using an array as a dependency on useEffect, is there any way of knowing which indexes were changed?

Anyone from the #React Community that can answer this?

Cologne is horrible today. Karnival is somehow worse than Oktoberfest.

Today's Clojure function of the day is interpose. Spent an hour trying to figure out I needed it:

I found the boxs, and even the dryer tube things for my robot arms and legs 24 hours before the party in a dumpster!

It's all been downhill for me since Halloween 3 years ago when I dressed up as a classic box+tinfoil robot carrying a notebook and Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming and told everyone "I'm a Machine Learning Algorithms!"

CGT statement against Spanish State Terrorism (3/3) 

CGT statement against Spanish State Terrorism (1/3) 

i'm a software freelancer with hours to spare. if you need a pythonista or javascripter with a background in distributed systems from databases to p2p networks, hit me up!

catapulting magnets at the nearest facebook datacenter

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