I'm thinking about making a thing called the Data Liberation Society (For People Who Are Tired Of Not Talking About Revolution).

In particular we will focus on actionable things we, dreamers, software developers, data scientists, concerned humans, can do to lay the foundation for revolution and the world to come after revolution.

I'm tired of talking about diversity problems without explicitly also talking about dismantling (through revolution) the systems of oppression that are at the root of the problems.


I'm tired of talking about ethics in tech without talking about the inherently unethical economic framework that tech shapes and participates in.

I'm tired of being a commodity of big data capitalists.

@egrasmed I'm have a question about the topic. Is there any literature on avoiding the situation where "revolution devours its own children", in particular, taking control of the systems of oppression for its own gains instead of properly dismantling and destroying them? To me, that seems like the biggest risk associated with a revolution - a simple exchange of the people "above", unnoticed or even applauded by the rest.

@phoe I advocate for an anarchist revolution without a transitional period, provisional government, etc. There isn't supposed to be an "above".

Peter Kropotkin's The Conquest of Bread would be a good place to start.

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