So I guess while I'm there, I'm going to go see every girl band that exists in Israel

remind me, when I'm not at work, to update this thread with Israeli girl bands

Upon further inspection, it appears that I'm thinking about women solo artists & singer/songwriters and not proper girl bands


anyway, say hello to Luna Abu Nassar --- she's super dynamic and sings in Arabic and Hebrew. I wish wish wish she had like 10 more albums out:

Next up is Yuval Dayan with a song I'd give years of my life to write something as awesome as. I think most of her lyrics are pretty pathetic "I'm nothing without you" love songs (which I love anyway), but this one isn't, and it really rocks:

I started listening to Narkis because she wears a tichel (headscarf) like I do. There are very few *visible* Jewish women wearing headscarves even though plenty of us wear them. Now I listen to her because because her work is amaaaaazing:

My partner calls some of Roni Dalumi "Tel Aviv Taxi Music". You know, the music you tell your cabby to turn up while you roll down the windows at 2AM. I don't think it's thaat bad, but I listen to those songs without feeling guilty, anyway.

@egrasmed Even though I don't understand a single word, that tune is damn catchy 🎶

@mheiber she's great, right? I understand about 20%-40% of it but I'm in basically the same boat

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