part of my responsibilities in tech projects is to make memes for the team, because i'm the best at it

not, like, i'm the best *ever* at it, just the best of the 6-10 people on the team. it's probably just a practice thing, but i guess my meme game is pretty solid.

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ugh. i'm not trying to brag.i just want to share the memes i made as a result of today's retrospective

when our retrospective action items are things we should all do and there's no single person to bottom-line it, i put it into a meme and the memes are displayed next to the build monitor

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@masterdam79 we've had good experiences with it and you should definitely try it! sometimes we also focus on a "meme of the week" and mention it every day at standup for the week.
I've never written a read-out-the-meme-of-the-week meta meme, so don't ask!

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