I have some colleagues who have recently become acutely aware of the sexism their teammates put up with on a daily basis. They're looking for ways to use their privilege to fight against workplace misogyny effectively. If you could send them one article to read, what would you send them?

@egrasmed @moritzheiber Ugh. I can’t find the article now, but it was by a woman and the title was something like “What Can Men Do?” And it was a bunch of small tactical things like developing the skill of realizing when and who you’re interrupting at meetings, or reiterating _and crediting_ good ideas that women bring up and seem to be ignored. That kind of thing. If I find it later, I’ll try to pass it back along.

@egrasmed learning how to be a good ally has helped me. Here's an article that summarizes the different ways one can be an ally:

@judeswae this is exactly what the type of content i was looking for. specific, actionable, relatable. i'm definitely gona share this with my team

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