"In 2012, data centres used electricity equalling the output of 30 nuclear power plants (Glanz 2012)."

"‘convergence of social-scientific methods toward those of the natural sciences is itself the child of a society that reifies people’ (Pollock and Adorno 2011, 20)."

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"Big Data positivism is an ‘immunization of the [Internet] sciences against philosophy’ (Habermas 1971, 67)."

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This paper, y'all. I am _not_ used to academic articles with this tone:

"The future is uncertain. We could head towards hyper-neoliberal capitalism, authoritarian capitalism, fascism, the total destruction of the Earth and the annihilation of humanity in a nuclear world war, or an alternative society of the commons."

I guess there it is, though.

Now we're looking at: Andrejevic, Mark. “The Big Data Divide,” 2014, 17.

"But the confusion between fortune telling and forecasting is consequential, for decisions made at a probabilistic, aggregate level produce effects felt at an individual level: the profile and the person intersect. To someone who has been denied health care, employment, or credit, the difference between a probabilistic prediction and a certainty is, for all practical purposes, immaterial"

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"David Lyon (1994) “suggests that the difference made by information technologies is one of degree, not of kind, that they simply ‘make more efficient more widespread, and simultaneously less visible many processes that already occur’” (Raley, 2013, p. 124)."

i.e. the problems posed by big data aren't fundamentally that different to other de-humanizing automated/algorithmic based problems, maybe they're just _bigger_ problems

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@egrasmed you read tech.mit.edu/V105/N16/weisen.1 ?

thirty years old, and still extremely brutally accurate and relevant

@hirojin OO, not yet, but I'll read it after the one I'm on, thanks!

@hirojin "What the coming of the computer did, "just in time," was to make it unnecessary to create social inventions, to change the system in any way. So in that sense, the computer has acted as fundamentally a conservative force, a force which kept power or even solidified power where is already existed. "

phew, yeah

@egrasmed i keep coming back to that line in my head and it keeps fucking me up

@hirojin "My greatest concern is that these young people won't ever be permitted to grow up, ever to get as old as I am now. I think that is a very realistic fear."

@dredmorbius Sorry, this one isn't Andrejevic, here's the citation:

University of Westminster, GB, and Christian Fuchs. 2019. “Karl Marx in the Age of Big Data Capitalism.” In Digital Objects, Digital Subjects: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Capitalism, Labour and Politics in the Age of Big Data


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