So I'm trying to run CI pipelines and host my pet projects on a server in my home. I've never done any home admin stuff and I'm worried about security when I'm not given the tools and the somewhat of a safety net that AWS et al. gives.

I decided to go with Freedom Box ( for lots of reason, not least of which was ease of use.

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Well, I though, I have a Raspberry Pi, why not figure out how to run Freedom Box on RPi?
1 hour later I've bricked my Pi, not anything to do with Freedom Box, just because apt upgrade failed at an important moment and anyway now it's a Raspberry Brick.

I decided to buy the FreedomBox hardware (which is open source, btw) server and it arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered! ^_^

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So far the hardest thing has been remembering to turn off the VPN when trying to access local network devices...

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