how do i tell people how much better i feel not using the big social media sites?

@egrasmed haha I keep a mostly write-only twitter account for this very reason.

@darius @egrasmed Same.
After months away from bird-site, I now remind myself every few weeks what a cesspool it is by reading for like 5 minutes. But I'm not sure "X is a cesspool" is the best convincing argument; I usually go with "I didn't use X for many weeks because of reasons, and was very happy for it".

@meejah @darius i'm finding myself doing stuff that i don't usually have enough executive function to do --- i'm not only less sad but i'm actually more happy

@egrasmed All that hate there disgusts you. You don't want Facebook and Twitter to have your data.

@Cedara that's a nice way to put it, but what i meant was, like, logistically --- how do i actually do it! my instinct is to tweet or post on fb about it

In an entry before you delete your fb or twitter account.

@egrasmed From my experience: you tell people in person and then see what they make of it 🤷‍♀️

@egrasmed IRC? SMS? Email? Phone? These all should still work...

I had Trillian 3 on my old XP laptop and I had accounts with every service it supported, including ICQ. I don't think any of those services are still running (except IRC, but Trillian is awful at IRC)!

@egrasmed I keep meaning to move back to Masto but also keep forgetting to sign in on my work laptop xD

@egrasmed I gave up using Facebook about a year ago. People are so confused when I tell them I think the experience sucks, and the world would be a better place without it.

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