i didn't think i'd turn out to be one of these scala developers, but having just spent a few weeks learning elm this is who i am now i guess

protip: pair hacking is 2x as fast when both people write on the same keyboard

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complaining about programming 

are you hecking kidding me? this is supposed to be a popular library!

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Today I learned that Charles Darwin invented the wheeled office chair?

why does a programming package webpage need to look like this while i can't design anything to save my life

I just absent mindedly kissed this "VORSICHT STUFE" sign in my hotel like it was a mezuzah. but honestly who among us wouldn't make this mistake?

The Great Fairy Fountain has me feeling like I'm loosing my marbles. It's got an F#, an F, and an F♭ in the space of 2 measures.

Here I am looking for the button between F and E feeling like a fool, again. Shouldn't one of these be an E? or Shouldn't there be a key change? Or... something?

does anyone want to make a signal group with me where we share revolutionary memes with each other? i think i need this in my life

It's all been downhill for me since Halloween 3 years ago when I dressed up as a classic box+tinfoil robot carrying a notebook and Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming and told everyone "I'm a Machine Learning Algorithms!"

I survived my first keynote! and it was super inspiring how many folks came to talk about revolution with me afterwards.

Unionize your workplace! Strike in solidarity with other groups in your community. Build trust in your own power and the power of your community!

I'm trying to decide which bart gif to use in my next data science talk, anyone have an opinion?

My hotel this week is actually just a 10 meter house boat

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