twitter won't let me upload images from the phone anymore
guess that's one more nail in the coffin

Just signed up for 7 days of vacation in the next 2 weeks and I'm gona spend them working on !

I was having a reallllly hard time wrapping my head around Elm, and then I made my own custom styled element in CSS (using elm-ui). I hardcoded one element, saw how it could turn into a pure function, and everything is beautiful

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you have to say "i'm in" whenever you ssh into a machine for the first time, it's the law

me annoyed at my internet speed when it's just the vpn location i'm connected to

@yogthos this is exactly how i'd describe my adhd, only instead of social media it's literally whatever has caught my attention

i didn't think i'd turn out to be one of these scala developers, but having just spent a few weeks learning elm this is who i am now i guess

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@dumpsterqueer @aphyr
have y'all read this blog post (or the book of the same title)? Bullshit Jobs
it zooms in on the fact that SO MANY of the jobs in this economy are useless, serving nobody. it's such a challenge to find work that is meaningful (serves society) _and_ pays the bills, provides health insurance, etc

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