Probably the most annoying thing about consulting is the barrage of email spam and product tours when you join a new account’s slack/jira/whatever

To get people to show up at meetings, you have to use catchy titles, like “Learn how this one idea will blow every architect’s mind”

It’s 2022, am I allowed to use “plug-and-play” in a technical presentation? Or is it too 90s?

I think the modern version of Zawinski's Law is:

Every app attempts to expand until it has live chat. Those apps which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which do.

So maybe we are in the Matrix but it’s totally benign. We’ve just been fobbed off into a virtual world as a way to phase out a legacy version of humanity. Eventually the last human consciousness will die out as we’re all replaced by NPCs and then they can shut down our universal simulation.

Any Senior or Lead Experience interested to work for ? Jump in my DMs and let's talk. I can tell you more what you can expect from working with us and what we are looking for.

We need to be ready to start building user-friendly, decentralized, secure, p2p apps for obtaining abortion meds and supplying HRT to trans people in red states. Take the darknet to the people.

I'm pleased to note that even, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

@ekastner Germany has adopted this.

There is which hosts a couple of government agencies already.

Afaik it is run by @bfdi , the federal data protection officer - who also is trying to force government agencies to stop their Facebook fan sites due to being impossible to comply to gdpr this way.

It seems to me that governments and gov officials are in the perfect position to start disseminating updates via services like Mastodon instead of Twitter. Set up a state or fed gov instance for all the officials. All reporters would be forced to start watching these servers for updates. It also seems more ethical to use a gov-run service rather than a privately owned communication network. It could also offer better resiliency.

Really interesting to think about how the web is becoming much more dis-aggregated than the "peak" of centralization around 2010. Not only because corporations are creating walled gardens, but also privacy/decentralization advocates along with more polarized political landscapes.


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