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My feelings about Apple M1 compatibility with [anything]: 🥴

I hope this gets better in the future, but a lot of apps right now are having strange problems with dubious workarounds to fix them.

When I search these errors, I get only one link to a Github issue with a response like "oh, maybe you're working with an Apple M1". Oh no, please, not again. 😂

I got three 10,0 notes on the 2nd unit of Sign Language (LSE)! 🙌
I'm pretty happy now :D
Good morning!

Small with a lot of emojis:

from Valencia, Spain, based in Barcelona. 🙂🥘

Working with 👨‍💻:
- Ruby/Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, React (pretty new to these). :)
Comfortable with:
- Python, GDScript, Java/Android.
Want to learn:
- Rust, C++.

Hobbies 🏈:
- Playing guitar (classic/electric). 🎸
- Composing (and editing/mixing/mastering w/ DAW). 💽
- Drawing (physical and digital). 🖌️
- Creating small videogames using . 👨‍💻
- Playing them. 😄

Nice to meet you everyone!


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