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Nothing has given me more despair and disdain for technology than working in technology

"what have you been reading these days? Any interesting sci-fi?"
me: "GDPR enforcement notices. way more surreal that sci-fi"

TIL: if you want a spring-boot cli app that uses an Oauth2 client, spring-boot will *not* autoconfigure it for you. autoconf is conditional on @EnableWebSecurity (depends on javax.servlet.Filter on cp) and thus the whole thing being a webapp.
package org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.security.oauth2.client.servlet contains handy bean configs to copy over tho.

"errors":[{"code":"moved","message":"The requested resource SHOULD be accessed through returned URI in Location Header."
but did not send any location header... 🤦‍♂️

this happened after rebuilding a docker image:
`/loadjar.sh: line 3: /usr/bin/java: No such file or directory`
I didn't change the base image. the path just changed arbitrarily. wtf.

: `tac` is the reverse of `cat`.
both literally and functionally.

we just broke atlassian bamboo builds with emojis in commit messages.

TIL: tls server offers different subsets of ciphers among those configured depending on key type (rsa/ecdsa)

I just delivered a sql injection to a graphql endpoint* and my mind is quite blown atm 🤯

(*on a pentesterlabs exercise, not a real service!)

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Facebook Messenger still scans all messages, even with end-to-end encryption. Scanning is done locally on the device before text messages are sent and after received messages are decrypted.

Facebook privacy lol


: mysql driver has an option to create the db upon connection if doesn't exist already (as long as the user connecting has CREATE permissions), e.g.:

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My colleague Kief Morris is curating the website "Infrastructure as Code", modeled after his book by the same name: infrastructure-as-code.com/

Also, he just made the source of the site, including all the useful information open source, so people can submit PRs and suggestions for improving the material: github.com/kief/infrastructure

I find it incredibly valuable, especially as a reference material. Have a read, improve it, let's all benefit from the aggregated knowledge!

I wonder if it's easy to write a fargate backend for garden now...

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