this happened after rebuilding a docker image:
`/ line 3: /usr/bin/java: No such file or directory`
I didn't change the base image. the path just changed arbitrarily. wtf.

@fmeden Did you change the architecture you're running it on? That's the default error message if one of the libraries used by an app isn't arch-compatible

@mheiber didn't touch the image at all, it's just been rebuilt with a fresh pull of the base

@fmeden I don't mean the image, I mean the environment you're running this on. You can't run any container on any architecture. They need to be purpose built to run on specific architectures

@fmeden e.g. this would happen if you were running a container built for i386 on amd64 (or the other way around). Same for arm64 et al

@mheiber oh I didn't even realise that docker images can target specific architectures.
anyhow I don't think that's the problem, changing the location of the binary to /usr/local/openjdk-11/bin/java fixed it immediately. there was no file under the path /usr/bin/java anymore

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