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My colleague Kief Morris is curating the website "Infrastructure as Code", modeled after his book by the same name:

Also, he just made the source of the site, including all the useful information open source, so people can submit PRs and suggestions for improving the material:

I find it incredibly valuable, especially as a reference material. Have a read, improve it, let's all benefit from the aggregated knowledge!

I wonder if it's easy to write a fargate backend for garden now...

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only after going through the pain of setting up a concourse cluster in fargate I realise that actually, it could never work as concourse needs privileged mode and fargate doesn't allow it 😭

"with great security comes great usability" -- security spiderman's uncle

quantum typing: when the waveform of your typing skill collapses when observed by your pair

I just rolled out my own test framework for infra tests in bash and it took 5 minutes and I have working tests and I'm not ashamed

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me: DevOps is good for your organization, your delivery and your culture
enterprise: We already do DevOps!
me: Oh cool, show me!

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Well, it finally happened to me: My very own creepy Facebook moment.

But I don't even use Facebook.

TL;DR: Facebook account I opened 8.5 years ago and never used receives "recommendation", out of the blue, to check out a small store I only just learned existed and started patronizing.

(That account: No phone number, no friends, no profile info, sort-of-fake name, dedicated email address. Me: No smartphone, didn't pay by credit card.)

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guess which all-powerful tech monopoly is breaking ublock origin (and umatrix, and likely many other similar add-ons, such as noscript) in their browser, which happens to be the most popular browser in the world?

who could have foreseen this? who would ever think that an advertising company's web browser would end up breaking compatibility with an ad blocker? frankly i'm shocked

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day of rabbitholes based on confusing output and mistaken assumptions
but I got spotbugs+findsecbugs pipelines working!

I hacked an smart contract for a challenge and now I feel super cool 😎
even though it's actually a very basic attack, turns out

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You fools are still agruing between tabs and spaces.

Meanwhile I have trancended all your puny arguments.

Behold. The ultimate solution to all indentation.

update: console login just goes to fail instead of prompting me to tap the key.
no support for backup key nor console.
0/10 would not enable again.

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to include and prioritize work in our agile workstreams we value techniques.
@jgumbley from & Fraser Scott from capital one will be sharing techniques and stories at the threat modelling event on thursday 22/11 @ office.
sign up here!

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