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Did an interview with the cool folks at Sprkl where I talked about pair programming a lot

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When it came time to reckon with social media’s failings, nobody ran to the “web3” platforms. Nobody asked “can I get paid per message”? Nobody asked about the blockchain. The community of people who’ve been quietly doing this work for years (decades!) ended up being the ones who welcomed everyone over, as always.

only drawback, this is my company's server so I can't get a short emo user handle

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this whole decentralised platform is giving me IRC and early teen year vibes and I'm definitely here for it.

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My colleague Julien Deswaef explains why organizations should run their own Mastodon server, so that they can control their own channel of communication


A Mastodon instance running on Thoughtworks infrastructure for its employees to interact with the Fediverse.