There are a great many people with blood on their hands that will be feigning ignorance and innocence today.


Thinking about using Mastodon to start venting my frustration with the US obsession of electoralism in politics, mostly because surely all of my Twitter followers are sick of it

If @judeswae goes to a conference, it means I get to test out Mastodon's filtering features ;)

I love the TW global Dad Jokes thread. I hate the way everyone reacts to jokes with low-effort puns. This is my subtoot for the week.

Reminds me of that time in 2016 Kleines Fert followed me to Bavaria over winter vacation and fell in love

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Wow holy shit, Amazon just cancelled plans for HQ2 in NYC

I recently (re)discovered the OpenAppStack project, and it's pretty exciting - I'm especially impressed in its commitment to being a useful and easy-to-deploy application suite for Civil Society Orgs. Think G Suite but free, self-hosted, and open source!

I gave one Square merchant my email address once (not even sure why), and now I get marketing emails from every Square merchant I've ever used my credit card with.

I miss living with :(

Does anyone have any experience using or deploying Collabora Online as a G Suite replacement?

It's pretty wild how easy it was to deploy and set up Nextcloud. If I can do it, then you *know* it's easy!

Twitter and Mastodon are so different! On Twitter no one follows or retweets me, whereas on Mastodon, also no one follows or retoots me

Very happy and relieved that Ravi Ragbir of the New Sanctuary Coalition was not detained by ICE today, and that I and hundreds of others were able to show ICE that the community will not accept deportations.

*looks around shiftily* are we allowed to talk about the fact that we have an actual timecard code called "strike"

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notes from my presentation i just gave: "too much of dudes in slides"

My new diceware password policy is to regenerate if I end up with something strange, funny, or uncanny, because I'm not sure I can trust myself not to tell people about this weird new password I randomly got

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