Better to have your tests running green than to have your CFO's face turning green.

You know what Zoom needs? Hot-swappable profile images. I want an "AFK" (away from keyboard) image to distinguish my absence from me being off-camera.

How is Finder (macOS) using twice as much RAM on this MacBook than Chrome?

Also, where are the end-to-end guides for Tauri? I can find setup guides but haven't found a complete example with a useful app. Am I expected to buy the book first?

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Bitcoin myths: immutability, decentralisation, and the cult of "21 million"


The insights and observations from this article can apply to many, many other technologies. Does that AI tech you keep hearing about ring too many of the same alarm bells?

Planning to push some changes to production today. Wish me luck!

Thinking of attaching my webcam to my wall (via an adjustable arm) in order to avoid table shakes.

Dang but I really love my current project assignment.

It's infrastructure as code, not infrastructure as configuration. - said in anger at too many .yml files

What's the most popular cross-platform tool for mobile dev? Is it React-Native?

My team's project is live in a clinic and I couldn't be happier for it.

Goodness gracious! My team here at ThoughtWorks won an award. (I'll be able to say more later.)

How many of your meetings are contributing to the very lack of progress/productivity that were the impetus for those very meetings?

Normalize looking away from one's camera during Zoom calls except when talking towards it.

Otherwise calls make every attendee feel like they're performing public speaking (a common phobia) even when they're silent (which feels like you're choking on one's presentation). All of this can occur without any conscious awareness on the part of the attendees.

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Try resizing your Zoom window and other video feeds so that the human heads are at the scale they would be if sitting across from you. Too large and it feels like they're right up in your face.

How long has my laptop been defaulting to my webcam microphone over my Yeti studio microphone? What a UX fail.

And the best books to read are often those you've already dog-eared the most.

For my part, I've been re-reading and further annotating Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.

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