The time has come: I must learn Apache Kafka and Elastic Search in earnest. I've already bought some books!

Serious question: What are your favorite resources for mastering modern Java?

It's cold enough outside that I hesitate to take my Kindle out there to read.

So glad I switched from "Show everyone's camera" to "Show only the speaker's camera" in Zoom.

If hackers bypass your security measures, that bad behavior is on them.

If well-meaning users bypass your security measures in order to do their job, that's on you.

Every post-it with a password on a monitor is a failure of policy rather than a failure to follow policy.

I feel like Perl news has crossed my desk more in the last few weeks than I've seen in years. Nostalgic since it was one of my foundational languages. Any ideas why?

Just recorded a presentation. (I won't be around to present in person.) Fingers crossed that the recording turned out well!

Proposing "sarmused" as a portmanteau of "sardonically amused."

"I was sarmused that AWS went offline five minutes into our platform redundancy demo."

Sound effects sound board but for emoji responses in Zoom.

Who would you all recommend following on here?

Topics on my radar (non-exhaustive): , , , ,

According to LinkedIn, I made my very first post *ever* on that site yesterday. (It was to share my girlfriend's talk.)

Turns out there is non-obvious flexibility to the speed dash that are only mentioned in loading screen hints that I may have never seen. (The irony of almost or never dying outside of boss fights.)

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Been playing Metroid: Dread and this last ~15% of items have been driving me up the wall.

JSON was never intended as a configure file format.

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