I've closed dozens of tabs (thank goodness for Evernote) and my laptop already feels less scalding hot.

Remember: Agile does *not* equal fast.

The fastest vehicle on earth - space rockets - require the most exacting work and management to avoid literally blowing up.

A bicycle is more agile and precisely because it goes slow enough that it can make a hard turn without ripping itself apart.

Is your software project a rocket or a bicycle? Which would you rather be on when something goes wrong?

I feel like spending a weekend going hard in on watching goto; conference videos and playing some MMO (probably Destiny).

Need something like an MMO to keep me active enough to stay focused on the video.

Just realized I could put the exercise machine in front of the living room TV and try that. Grind for IRL HP.

Me: *wonders why their laptop is running super hot*

Me: *has literally dozens of tabs open*

Me : "Truly, it is a mystery."

Game jam advent calendar idea: Make the same game in as many different genres as possible.

Serious question: Are "private clouds" anything more than a rebranding of intranets?

Tempted to create a bot that periodically posts things like "You probably don't need Kubernetes/microservices/blockchain for that project."

Time to hack some hardware!

(And by "hack," I mean make a big red button work as a computer input.)

Filed all of my work email into Action/Read/Wait labels. Now to work on Read for as long as I can. (And we'll see if any Action labels come out of that.)

Making steady progress towards Inbox Zero for my work inbox. Only filing right now but it's helping.

I haven't played a Powered By the Apocalypse tabletop roleplaying game in too long.

Excited to host an after-work board game night Friday after next (9/6).

Optimize your sleep quality before optimizing your caffeine intake.

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