Who would you all recommend following on here?

Topics on my radar (non-exhaustive): , , , ,

@jcholder Regarding Rust (but also because nice people🙂) in no particular order:


Sorry, if I have forgotten anyone.🧠 😰 It is nothing personal.

@janriemer @jcholder Hi J.C.! I do a lot with #Rust (and also am fond of various other languages such as #Haskell). One of my favorite projects has been in which I used Rust to tunnel #Ethernet and #IP frames over a packetized serial protocol on #XBee long-distance radios. But Rust is currently my go-to language for a lot of general tasks.

@janriemer @jcholder

Hey J.C.! Lately my area of interested has shifted more towards Nix, reproducible development and DevOps, although I still use Rust and have a considerable interest in it personally, including in my thesis which is nearing completion by now. :)

Thank you Jan for the reference and also for giving me the opportunity to find a few more cool people/blogs to follow!

@jcholder I am a queer, neurodiverse person who really likes Rust. Hello! :ablobcathappypaws:

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