I think every Computer Science degree program should start with a mandatory class covering Algorithms to Live By: algorithmstoliveby.com/.

A refactoring metaphor:

"It's time to do the dishes, even those pans that have to be scrubbed, because we've been ordering takeout every day."

What does "ordering takeout" look like on your project/team and what are your internal metrics around it?

I don't like it when official docs for a programming language/framework/module/etc. point to a Medium article. (Looking at you, React.) Please inline that for posterity/to limit the harm of paywalls.

@xuv I'm not a lawyer but the license does include these two clauses:

"No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits."


"The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms."

Those would both *seem* to invalidate any time limit on the license. But again, IANAL.

@moritzheiber Such a good game. I found it so refreshing to have a game my girlfriend and I could play together, collaboratively, in a single long session.

@judeswae That sounds entirely too true. It's all about the flow.

Thinking about how much "tech debt" can be better understood as "leveraged tech."

It's created with the assumption that future returns will exceed the inevitable costs.

This may sound essentially the same as consumer debt but businesspeople could (ostensibly) hold a greater appreciation for how leverage could destroy the business much more readily than debt.

Presenting an introductory talk on today. Wish me luck!

Nerd-sniped myself by going deeper into WebAssembly and now I want to do even more with it.

Been reading a scientific paper today! Good times.

Spontaneously paired with a co-worker on their own project. That was fun!

Netflix, Altered Carbon 

@moritzheiber Reminds me of the time I used a particularly dry book on editing as a sleep aid.

"Easily create custom 3D environments:" github.com/mozilla/Spoke.

Imagine using this for a Fediverse client.

I think I agree with this entire article, especially in the context of platforms meant to provide income or other crucial services: paulosman.me/2019/12/30/produc.

Going "cloud native" can help, if implemented correctly, but avoid repeating the past (and present) mistakes of overly aggressive offshoring or outsourcing.

If you cut all the domain expertise out of your organization then what value of substance is left, really?

Code freezes would make more sense if they came with a *complete* freeze on code, including a freeze on developers working on their individual computers.

Otherwise you get a nasty blockage of untested changes.

Just give devs time off to study up on tech.

Every code freeze should also come with a reset, rebuilding, and re-prioritizing of all backlogs and feature requests. That's where the clog originated, after all.

Continuous integration and deployment is essential.

Even if you choose to release only every so often, you still need a proven, hardened ability to deploy right away when you *don't* want to, i.e. for emergency fixes.

@hardcorenarrativist It's an interesting read! (I was lucky enough to get a copy ages ago.)

Refactoring complete! I removed the one external dependency! New runtime is down to 78.6% of the previous one. Woot.

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