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Remember: You only need a highly performant framework/platform/etc. if you know you'll work with very large amounts of data or with tight constraints.

Most CRUD web apps, especially internal ones, doesn't fall into either category.

Thinking about proposing some Rust talks just to have an external driver to learn more Rust.

Hardware Hack Lab here at the NYC office tonight!

I survived Ohio!

(It was a perfectly pleasant trip. Lyft drivers were much more sociable than those in NYC.)

Took me eighteen months but I finally got around to using my invite to

No small amount of software team dysfunction can be traced back to how story points were never supposed to be shared outside of the team.

Another good night of hosting Hardware Hack Lab!

ActivityPub question: What are the minimal groupings of AP functionality that would be useful on their own? Maybe something like incoming message storage.

Thinking about how to build a composable set of AP microservices.

Untitled Goose Game was quite fun. I recommend playing it with at least a couple friends who can laugh at your antics.

Now I want to write a MUD that's entirely procedurally generated. Send help.

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Finally studying up on natural language processing with NLTK ( Before you know it I'll write a bot or something.

We need more public, state-funded cloud hosting options, ones designed to be hosted indefinitely (i.e. 50+ years). Places where people can host e.g. web content without having to babysit it for the rest of their lives.

Commercial entities have the wrong incentive alignment to offer this.

Noticing that I feel much more anxious reading an article on my laptop than on my Kindle or on paper. How about you?

Look at me, actually emptying my work inbox! (Caveat: I moved several things under action/read/wait labels.)

Dead serious suggestion: Somebody make a realistic office simulator game that models the efficacy of various office configurations.

SimCity had a real impact on city design, AFAIK, and such a simulator could do the same for offices.

What's the math/data on how many subjectively naive participants are necessary to render a free market's value predictions useless?

i.e. how many suckers have to be born per minute to keep obvious scams afloat?

See also: "The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

Email feature I would like: "Archive this email now and delete it in 30 days."

Ideal for emails that might matter in the near future but not after a certain point.

I've closed dozens of tabs (thank goodness for Evernote) and my laptop already feels less scalding hot.

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Remember: Agile does *not* equal fast.

The fastest vehicle on earth - space rockets - require the most exacting work and management to avoid literally blowing up.

A bicycle is more agile and precisely because it goes slow enough that it can make a hard turn without ripping itself apart.

Is your software project a rocket or a bicycle? Which would you rather be on when something goes wrong?

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