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Currently staring soullessly at an ActiveRecord table with over 50 has_x relationships.

One guess as to the name of the table.

"Docker images are downloading" is a newer "Code's compiling" excuse for taking a break from work.

Enjoyed but bowing out now that I've been recruited for another project at work. Good luck, y'all!

Completed day 5, part 1 of !

Don't you love that feeling of being pleasantly surprised that you were about to overthink a problem only to realize you had already finished it?

Completed day 4 of yesterday. Starting on day 5 this morning.

Forgot to mention that I completed day 2 of earlier this week!

Still working on part 2 of day 3.

Which biases are encoded into your machine learning (ML) project?

It's not a question of "if."

"Export to/import from CSV/Excel/ODS" are incredibly powerful features in the right hands.

Separating out "roles" from "identities" from "credentials" in the system architecture does wonders to prevent future confusion on this point.

Consider how we treat each of the following separately: a person, their "employee" status, their key card, and the access right granted via that card.

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There is no such thing as a "user" in your software.

There are one or more specific roles through which others interact with the software, though.

Looking forward to hanging out at the Hardware Hack Lab here in the NYC office tonight.

Going to build a foot pedal that'll let me toggle voice chat in games without taking my fingers away from more important keys.

Overzealous parallelization of work streams dooms both processor architectures ( and projects.

Periodic reminder that you'll have a far better time discovering microservices (within larger tech stacks) than you will trying to design them into the architecture from the start.

Who invented the idea that interface names in code needed to be prefixed with "I" and how can I yell at them?

Reminding myself to take my time with Pokemon Sword. Better to enjoy it than to fret about "catching up" to others with wildly different schedules/interests.

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