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Shout-outs to and for their quick, considerate, and effective responses to a couple GitHub issues I submitted for their respective Rust crates. Thanks!

Pact tests are the new C++ headers in the era of microservices, for both good and ill.

The implementation of a productivity system (e.g. SCRUM, Kaban) can only provide value to the degree that it forces accuracy and specificity from stakeholders. All else is productivity theatre.

Serious question: How do the sizes of today's microservice code bases compares to the sizes of historical monoliths?

Are we building monolith-sized microservices without realizing it?

Remember that many of today's languages are far more compact and expressive than the ones in common use in the 90s and earlier.

Thinking of buying a PineBook to use as my primary social media device (to the exclusion of my phone):

Blows my mind when a 25MB WASM binary can be reduced to a 53kB binary after stripped of debug support and unused code.

Feeling sore from last night's kettle bells. I think it's the "You're doing it right" kind of sore.

More success today! Fixed an integer overflow bug.

Periodic reminder that taking a break from a hard mental problem can do wonders for solving it.

When you're analyzing legacy code, try excising "lazy developer" from your vocabulary and see if you can find the true root causes. (Hint: Search for other systems that are offloading their own work onto the devs.)

As long as those root causes remain unaddressed, after all, then even the most studious of future developers may look as "lazy" as their predecessors.

Staring mournfully at this `master` branch in a git repo that is over 10,000 commits behind the `development` branch.

I don't know whether I hate old, crusty code or hate know knowing that encountering such code means I'll have to deal with the kind of procedural and organizational dysfunction that allowed such code to exist in the first place.

(I can *fix* crusty code. Crusty organizations are another matter.)

I'm filing more expenses! Cheer me on. (This is an unusually [internally] daunting task for me.)

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