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@mheiber, @effye and myself have just sent the news about this instance to the whole company. So, expect a lot of newcomers.

And to all , welcome .


Joined the online conference today. There was a small introduction time between the attendees, in breakout rooms.

I ended in a room with Paul Syverson, the inventor of onion routing, that is used in Tor.

I’m so happy I could thank him for having invented this and helping the creation of .

(IDE) is shutting down. There could be a lot to say about it. But that was the I was using across home computer and work computer. It allowed me to easily share settings and addons. And I did not have to relearn shortcuts when changing machine.

But now that it is being sunsetted, I’m looking for an open source multi-platform alternative. Any suggestions?

FYI, I’m not interested in VSCode.

So I finally killed my Goodreads account because I'm trying to limit my Amazon usage to as little as possible and switched to Storygraph a Black woman-owned book tracking platform that uses machine learning for making suggestions, which are disturbingly accurate.

The cool part is that it consumes GoodReads exports so you have all you're reading data.

You should sign up. And when you do, hit me with a link and I'll follow you.

It's time for the tech industry to end the malicious distraction that Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies are, and focus on solving important problems instead.

Started reading "Release It!" by Michael Nygard.

It's a rare software engineering book in the horror genre.

I marked a Gmail thread as "unread" to remember to look at it again next Monday.

2min later, "Oh someone has replied to the thread".


Glad to have @lramalho back and posting on .

If you don’t know Luciano, he is the author of O’Reilly bestseller "Fluent Python".

Back to toot after a while. What a breath of fresh air.

Thanks @judeswae for inviting me back!

boy are u a carbon offset because you seemed like a good idea until I heard more about you

For those interested, we are hosting the Green Software Foundation summit in our office. It’s a hybrid event, so you can also follow remotely.


By the way, the meat eaters got sick over night after that event.

So, I guess, "thank you, chef".

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It's always sad to see a chef, in a fancy event, completely fail to deliver a decent vegetarian meal to a minority of the attendees.

No, an unseasoned salad with a few green leaves and some roasted veggies as a main dish is not a proper fancy vegetarian dinner. Definitely not on par with what the majority of the attendees were getting.

Chefs like this just don't like food.

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