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@mheiber, @effye and myself have just sent the news about this instance to the whole company. So, expect a lot of newcomers.

And to all , welcome .


Now it's easier to discover our onion site, thanks to the new Onion-Location header supported by the @torproject browser! #MoreOnionsPorFavor

There is a new rule in the ’s Law book:

If you work from home, a package delivery will reach your door and ring the bell as soon as you start an important video conference with your boss or your client.

"The primary selection mechanism used by the industry selected for antisocial, mathematically inclined males, and therefore antisocial, mathematically inclined males were overrepresented in the programmer population; this in turn reinforced the popular perception that programmers ought to be male, antisocial and mathematically inclined, and so on."

-- The Computer Boys Take Over

the most powerful/liberating and pain-free act of rebellion you can do against the system is cessation of mainstream media consumption.

Today I was reminded that does not do colored shadows in .

And I want to cry and curl on my bed in foetal position.

attention black and brown #WebDevelopers

DM me your name, pronouns, and work URL

a Philadelphia based agency is looking for a remote UI/JavaScript developer

#WebDevelopment #WebDesign #UI #UX #UiUx

(Some people in Tech right now): No, but Microsoft has changed. It's really pro open source now. It's not the same company as before. People can change, you now.


International mailing list of critical #AI studies / Daily updates ..


Surprise, surprise. One of the first fiction filmmaker in the world was a woman, Alice Guy-Blaché. Made thousands of movies. And no one has heard of her. #cinema

You can’t cut completely off the volume of a or call if you take it from the app on your smartphone. If you activate audio in these calls, be ready to have the sound come out through your phone speakers, no matter what. But why?

An interesting Instagram thread on the concept of misogynoir, the intersection of sexism and racism Black women experience (TW r**e)

Don’t miss on June 26. With @egrasmed and presenting together on "It’s better with data". The event is free to attend. Register at

This is nice tool lets you either synchronize the brightness and contrast of your external monitor with your MacBook, use your location or manually adapt it to your needs (helped me a lot since I spend too much time on the screen) looks really interesting as an prototype tool.

Seems there are a combination of nice research features in there.

Join @mcalder & Marina Kjaer at . Learn how to run container security scanning as part of your deployment pipeline. Dial in on 26 June

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