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used in Hybrid Studio pipeline.

"The models can interact in real time with their digital environment. As a result, we shorten studio production time and benefit from maximum flexibility on set."

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"[...] machine learning will be able to do anything you could train a dog to do, which is also a useful way to think about bias (What exactly has the dog learnt? What was in the training data? Are you sure? How do you ask?)" ben-evans.com/benedictevans/20 /via @julianruf

Congrats @Chocobozzz and the whole @Framasoft team on reaching their funding goal for . There is still 12 days left to reach some stretch goals, but this is already an incredible achievement. kisskissbankbank.com/en/projec

Right, as I failed miserably at #ff I'm going to point people towards worthwhile links for donating money instead. (Fingers crossed there's no typos this time!)

@maloki for #forkofftogether stuff: liberapay.com/maloki/
@GinnyMcQueen for activism & sundry tech projects: patreon.com/ginnymcqueen/
@ashfurrow for running mastodon.technology, the instance my account's on: patreon.com/ashfurrow/

Framasoft's funding campaign for PeerTube: kisskissbankbank.com/en/projec

"In a major statement on privacy in the digital age, the [US] Supreme Court ruled that the government generally needs a warrant to collect troves of location data about the customers of cellphone companies."


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When those are the only words you remember, make a whole cover out of it. youtube.com/watch?v=a6goSJ3jCE

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Virginia Eubanks is coming to talk about her book: "Automating Inequality" at next month. meetup.com/Ethical-Tech/events

Thanks for all the ideas yesterday! So, #peertube mascot, round 2: A, B or C?

"That's enough fediverse for now, I should get some real work done."

> Closes tab on browser
> Opens Tusky on phone

We've got 3 new opportunities to join our team!

- Fundraising Director
- Project Manager for Network Projects
- Project Manager with Product Exp

These full-time positions can be performed remotely or from our office in Seattle. torproject.org/about/jobs

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Thank you to @rysiek for pointing out that you can follow #Blender's new PeerTube instance on Mastodon at @blender

(It works because both #PeerTube and #Mastodon use the #ActivityPub standard)

Because of the ban, foundation is now testing as a video distribution model video.blender.org/