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Julien Deswaef @judeswae@toot.thoughtworks.com

For those interested in helping the US not go more politically insane, there is a special Progressive Hack Night meetup tonight in , with Reboot Democracy.


Pourquoi ça s'appelle Firefox Focus sur le Play Store, mais Firefox Klar sur F-Droid ??

@davelab6 playing with on a brought by @elih at the meetup. That had to be captured on camera.

Updating an at the . Anyone knows what kind of open source software one can run on this? Is still a thing?

"Product designers and web designers at GitHub contribute production code and often assist in implementing their own designs." medium.com/@broccolini/design-

Greenpeace (Switzerland) just joined mastodon!

Attracting large organizations is important for the fediverse. So make them feel home here 😉!

Boost this post and follow @greenpeace_ch !

#newhere #welcome #greenpeace

OAuth for the Open Web

A little about the challenges of using #OAuth2 in a distributed setting for WordPress, GitLab, Mastodon, and more. Spoiler: it's not all bad news. Let's make this happen!


It's the Software Meeting this weekend. A lot of good people to follow behind the hashtag 2018.rmll.info/en

"We should be wary of designers who talk about tools without sharing their process too. The tools we use are only ever as good as our reasons and methods for using them."


After many requests, here's a (1st draft) writeup on a technique to hide VPN (OpenVPN) traffic from network opponents, like state firewalls, ISPs & non net-neutral corps. I, and those using my VPNs, have used it with success all over the world discourse.criticalengineering. You're welcome

El día de ayer, Wikipedia en español se “apagó” para sumarse a las protestas contra una reforma que atentaba contra la libre difusión de la información en internet.

Hoy se ganó una batalla más 💪🙌

The fact that an instance like vis.social exists on Mastodon has completely sold me on this platform.

Anyone seen this? The BBC have released their computer literacy project from the 1980s computer-literacy-project.pilo

(I remember watching some of these the first time around...)

Please join us on Thursday July 12 @ 6PM for a presentation and Q&A with Eli Heuer on the history and future of free software editors.