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@mheiber, @effye and myself have just sent the news about this instance to the whole company. So, expect a lot of newcomers.

And to all , welcome .


Inter font by Rasmus Andersson is a sans-serif that comes with some dynamic metrics suggestions on how to use it.

I'm surprised at how well it still looks at very small sizes.

re: activitypub vs capitalism 

I had my first remote one hour work meeting in with friend, colleague and regular partner in crime, @krahman

And this was a productive one, I promise.

Old machine:
% brew leaves > packages.txt
% brew cask list > apps.txt

New machine:
% brew install $(< packages.txt)
% brew cask install $(< apps.txt)

is looking for a Head of Design in .

Take a look at the announcement and please forward to people that would be interested.

Thank you.

We just accidentally sent a test push message with nonsensical content to all of our users and how is your day going

Love to draw my colleagues while on a remote call. They tend to stand still in front of the camera and don't notice I actually draw them.

Makes meeting notes more enjoyable to look at.

Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time

First time I hear about the "Romance Standard Time".

Hey everyone, is looking for a to be based in#Madrid.

Check the offer here:

And don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about it.

Lately, I've been using the url when I quickly need to open a new GDoc at the beginning of a call or a meeting. And I must say, I'm a bit ashamed to say I find this to be quite convenient.

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