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@mheiber, @effye and myself have just sent the news about this instance to the whole company. So, expect a lot of newcomers.

And to all , welcome .


Los datos y conclusiones del informe Mujeres Tecnólogas 2022 están liberados y los compartimos bajo licencia

Consúltalo aquí

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A Mastodon feature that I really like is muting with a timer. If someone is posting a lot from a conference that I'm less interested in, I can mute them for three days.

"It’s clear that container images have become a real attack vector, rather than a theoretical risk." – Key finding from an insightful report about the analysis of 250,000 container images on Docker Hub.

The Oxymoron of “Data-Driven Innovation” – Chelsea Troy

For the people around here, it's a must read.

And yeah, "most of the things you love about your smartphone started as accessibility features."

Acompaña a nuestra Thoughtworker Gabriela Chasifán en la presentación del primer informe estatal sobre la realidad de las mujeres en la industria tecnológica en ¡No te lo pierdas de este debate mañana 29 de noviembre!

Regístrate aquí:

I was in need of a new domain name so naturally I turned to the script from @xor that generates valid hostnames from public domain books:

I fed it my favorite utopian/psychedelic/creepy/hollow earth novel Etidorhpa (which I've written about at excessive length at and got some good ones:

There's a class of Mastodon problems where the easiest remediation is "be on a smaller server" and a separate class of problems where the easiest remediation is "be on a larger server" and I unironically love this as someone at that point in their career when you say "It depends" in answer to everything.

Alright, it tastes really good considering I realized last night I did not have enough of the usual flour I use.

So it's a mix, 75% wheat, 5% spelt and 20% rye. And I think that's a keep :)

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Really love working from home. Being able to do my job, while cooking bread I left proofing overnight. My office smells like a bakery ;)

I have read a lot about culture of psychological safety in the past years.

I only understood it last year, by experiencing it at Thoughtworks

@Richard_Hull It's a lovely initiative - one I hope many more organisations will follow.

I've started keeping track of these 'official' instances here:

Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

Very sad to hear about Elon Musk.

Nothing happened to him, I’m just very sad to hear about him.

Realizing I've never tried a poll here. And also, feels like this kind of debate would be useful (refreshing?) about now. Which pie is better, and why is it pecan?

Happy Email Unsubscribe from All Day to those who celebrate!

Does your conference badge tell you the CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity? Mine does now. #github

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