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@mheiber, @effye and myself have just sent the news about this instance to the whole company. So, expect a lot of newcomers.

And to all , welcome .


The second talk about #FreedomBox at #DebConf is titled, "Running your FreedomBox over Tor" and is by Nathan Willis.

This talk will teach you how to "combine the user freedom of FreedomBox with the anonymity of the Tor network." Check it out!


Inverse #BigGAN search for a previously generated image across the entire 1128-dimensional latent space starting from a random vector.

I really like to explore the latent space of this app.
I could spend hours generating new images there. Very inspiring.

Anybody else has an account there?

Deep learning based autocompletion. Wow. Absolutely cool. This would make voice controlled programming significantly more viable for adoption.

One of the most inspiring talk, for me, from the Libre Graphics Meeting this year is available online:

"Making Fonts without Font Editors" by @aiscarvalho and @rlafuente

#font #teaching #typography #lgm19

Ok, I really recommend the #CreativeCoding meetups of #Barcelona. 30 people showed up. Super fun crowd. Crazy and interesting projects. I'm not going to miss the next one, for sure.

"Microsoft rolled out a 13 second video over the weekend introducing everyone to Windows 1.0. The clip uses a Dynatron track, which label Blood Music has stated Microsoft never got permission to use."

#microsoft #music

Just realized that was a sponsor of one of the teams of this year.

How long until we get a team Google or Facebook?

a take on deplatforming nazis 

Really sad to see @lnioi go. We're loosing a bright shining light of the office. I know I don't loose a friend. But this place is not going to be the same without him.

The UK becomes the first major economy to enforce net-zero carbon emissions

As the first major economy in the world to pass laws relating to net zero carbon emissions, the UK has made a huge step. What does it entail?

Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.

#privacy #google #firefox #chrome #spy #encryption #tracker #cookies #surveillance

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