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Julien Deswaef @judeswae

And so won't allow the Foundation to share its creative commons licensed videos on the platform if they don't monetize it? Really? blendernation.com/2018/06/19/b

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It really is time for "the next YouTube", unfortunately we are sooooooo far down the line with that platform.

@neugierdsnase is coming. No internet platform is eternal. ;)

@neugierdsnase @judeswae there are things like dtube and peertube. Also a few others but I know what you mean. We are almost trapped inside the YouTube hole. The platform just has sooo much content that it's hard to stay away from it.

@rysiek For sure. Although they definitely have the advantage here. How we plan to win this is a good question.

@rysiek That's one way to see it. Though it's probably not solving the problem in the long term. I don't think we should silo creative commons content. We should encourage p2p distribution and discovery.

@judeswae absolutely. But the first step should be breaking out of the single walled garden the content is already in...

I mean, if Blender Foundation would host their own PeerTube instance, that would be amazing, obviously! ;)

@rysiek @judeswae I think it's coming, but they'll put up with a lot more crap in the meantime.

@judeswae Simple, AdWords and similar platforms make money mainly for the platform owners. They let you put add on your website and take biggest piece of cake. Saying that Blender's Foundation videos were blocked because the foundation didn't want to monetize them doesn't sound right. They were blocked, because the foundation didn't want to let YouTube earn some good money, using someone's else content. Okay, on the other hand, the bandwidth is not free either.