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Julien Deswaef @judeswae

Because of the ban, foundation is now testing as a video distribution model video.blender.org/

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@judeswae Sad that this is how it had to happen. But thankful to everyone that has allowed this to be a serious alternative to look at.

Can someone explain the ban to me? I read a discussion earlier but I didn't quite understand it...

@judeswae We can only hope this happens more. Peertube needs a ton of work but its super promising!

@judeswae A lot of the videos only have one peer, anyone know if it's possible for me to help "seed"?

@judeswae Figured it out, just go to download > torrent and open the torrent using #WebTorrent (so that the web peers can access it).

@judeswae Adoption by one or two big players in the initial stages might help federated platforms grow fast. Mastodon had pawoo.net and a few other Japanese companies adopting it before it got so popular.