Does anyone know of large or well-know organizations that run their own instance?

I'm trying to compile a list.

@judeswae well if you consider Noagenda Community a well known community

@yukiame I did not know Noagenda community but will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

@judeswae we are one of the biggest Server west of Mississippi - last known location Austin

@floreal Thank you. Indeed that's one of the ones I knew of. :)


La Quadrature du Net
Assembly Four (Switter)
Parti Pirate (Belgique)
Parti Pirate (France)

@judeswae (définition assez large de "large/well-known", on est d'accord 😅 )

@judeswae XOXO conference just set up an instance. (also, I see Thoughtworks has one!)

@dphiffer Thanks. I actually don't know the Xoxo conf. Will look into it. And yes, ThoughtWorks has one :) I did help set that up with some other Mastodon enthusiasts in the company. That's also a reason why I'm trying to compile this list. To show inside the company how far reaching this network is. :)

@judeswae @dphiffer is this list up yet anywhere? I have been slowly working on one too.

@wakest @dphiffer I have not made a public list, but we could do that. I'd be happy to collaborate on this.

@judeswae @wakest @dphiffer if you want you could probably add it as information on either the Mastodon wiki, or the fork together wiki (or both)

@maloki (Oh, it seems I missed your message there yesterday, sorry)

Yes, I thought about that (adding to the wiki), but I did not really know if people would find this appropriate or not. For example, the definition of "large or well-known" organization is a little confusing maybe. How do we keep this list somewhat limited and relevant? Any idea?

@judeswae Not too much ideas, but talk with some other people managing the wikis?

Maybe just define it as "organizations" nothing more nothing less?

@judeswae @dphiffer I have just been making it in lol which feels bad (cc proprietary) maybe we should both choose a nice wiki and add our data?

@wakest We could use

I was planning to use another proprietary spreadsheet system too anyway. So that sounds like a nice middle ground.

@judeswae insaw a toot about a Brazilian government instance the other day. And some french as well. Still remember it was :)

@judeswae cool!

Why not #OrgsOnFediverse though? Why exclude orgs that perhaps run a Pleroma or GNU Social instance?..

@rysiek @judeswae my guess is that a lot of people, especially new, learn about masto first, then get to understand that the fediverse is more than just Mastodon.

Is a process.

@maloki @judeswae it is, but since they're already here, they might as well be exposed to the word "Fediverse". ;)

@rysiek ofc, but there's definitely less attacky ways of doing it. You know?


@maloki @judeswae you're right, it does come across as attacky. Apologies, wasn't meant that way.

@rysiek Not trying to exclude anyone. Please shoot names of organizations on the Fediverse that you know of.

@judeswae didn't assume you do. It's just the kind of thing that annoys me just a tiny little bit. ;)


Greenpeace Switzerland have their own instance @greenpeace_ch

Also, the world's largest French-language TV network TV5 has an official account (they verified it through a link on their site): @TV5Monde

Orgs don't need to have their own instance to verify an account, they just need to refer to the account on their official website.

@switchingsocial Thanks for the info.

I'd argue that there is no "verification" system on Mastodon. But I get your point.

Though I think there is a difference in opening an official account on someone else's instance and hosting it yourself and offering the service for your members/ employees....

I'm looking for the latter.



Yup, definitely.

I guess the benefit of just having a single account is it's an easy way of trying the platform out?

@judeswae I guess technically @AssemblyFour spun up their own place with Switter. 😊

@judeswae Orgs as in NGOs or organizations in the more general use of the term? thoughtworks has it's own instance and gives it's employees accounts. They are best known for their technology radar and for the fact that Martin Fowler and several other agile rock stars work there.

@andreipetcu Yes. Orgs in the general sense of the word. And I do know about ThoughtWorks instance ;) Still waiting for Martin to join it. Working on it :)

@judeswae @andreipetcu pfff.... such a n00b... did not check your profile before comenting.... :)

@judeswae @andreipetcu I'm a Bbig fan of ThoughtWorks. It was crazy popular in a company I used to work. People were following all the presentations, blogs, radar of TW.

@judeswae Does the #KIF count as an organisation? I guess so. It is the org of german CS students' representations.
However it probably isn't to well known...

@uniporn btw, I noticed that your handle says but the Mastodon instance is at How's that possible?

@judeswae I think @thegcat will be better at explaining details about the instance... (or hopefully know someone) @thegcat sorry if this is inappropiate to you.

@uniporn No problem at all 🙂

@judeswae see I'm thinking @moritzheiber was aware of that option though, so not sure why he didn't use it (I think he set up your instance?). That being said, changing it afterwards is not possible / will break things in mysterious ways, so I wouldn't advise that.

@thegcat @uniporn @judeswae I was part of our agreement with Marketing/Content to use the subdomain instead of just "" since especially Marketing feared for the confusion between email v. federated identity (our Mastodon handles are literally our email prefixes)

@mheiber @thegcat @uniporn. Thanks for this explanation. I find this possibility both interesting and confusing. It took me a while to find the KIF instance about page, for example. But I learned something today. Thanks to all of you.

@judeswae I believe MIT has their own instance; hold on... here:

Other than that I can't recall any other org-owned instances for now. There are accounts though:

- the Yale Privacy Lab: @privacylab

- also the graphics programs @Krita and @inkscape ...

- the EFF:

I'll let you know if/when others come to mind...

Thanks. I don't think the MIT one is an "official" one. The disclaimer sounds like it's not an initiative supported by the organization. Is there a way to confirm this?

@FerdiZ @judeswae @krita @inkscape @eff FYI, we're gauging interest in running our own Mastodon instance right now, and should know within the month whether or not that will become a reality.

@FerdiZ @judeswae

Though the EFF aren't really on Mastodon. That's an unofficial bridge of their Twitter account and it shows.

@pagrus Sounds like they do. If you want to add them, that would be nice.

@npd Hmmm. Thanks for that. I did not know it existed. I see on their about page that it is "NOT supported by W3C".

It's a cool thing, but I'm looking for organization that support a Mastodon (or fediverse) instance and run it for themselves or their members.

@judeswae that might be more than you are looking for, but you might be able to browse through

@thegcat Thanks for the link. Indeed, that list has helped to find some. But there are so many instances and not many indicators that suggest an organization is behind one or another.

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