I'm looking for feedback and suggestions on running multiple accounts on multiples instances. I'm guessing you have multiple accounts it's because they fit different purposes. But I might be wrong.

How do you manage them? Do you follow the same people or maintain 2 very different follow lists? Do you post, x-post or boost the same content on all accounts, sometimes or never? Which tool or functionality are you missing that would ease managing those accounts?

Hey @judeswae, I have different accounts for different languages. I don't post the same things (maybe did occasionally) and I don't follow the same people nor do I have the same followers. With mastlab on the phone I find it really easy to handle..

@agnez Thanks for sharing the experience. I think I did not really manage to keep the follow list different. That is why it's confusing me sometimes. I also use Tusky on the phone to handle them. But not sure if I should look for something similar on Desktop.

@agnez Quick question about : When you boost, reply or fav, can you choose from which account you can do it?

On , atm, if you are viewing the timeline from one account, you can only do those things from the same account.

Same in mastlab, you are in one or the other account

@judeswae I have a geek account and a general account.

There might be some overlap in the follow lists. One of the accounts follows the other one and boosts sometimes (ideally shouldn't have to).

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