@judeswae I do indeed. Yet even though the AP implementation is mostly there, the rest of the application is very bare bones. :) Not yet ready for human consumption.

@mariusor @judeswae all these implementations are so exciting. I really think we need more communication between all these disparate ActivityPub projects though.

@wakest I think socialhub.network is more or less the place where this happens right now.

@mariusor oh yeah I have been following there a bit. I haven’t seen much activity but I guess thats no excuse. I should go get into some discussions over there. Thanks for the reminder.

@wakest @eliotberriot was saying that he wants to move all non-development related discussion there for @funkwhale if I'm not mistaken.

Also we started some conversations about custom ActivityPub objects/properties that we need in the world of link aggregators in @prismo 's section.

Welcome to share your opinion.

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