@ckluente That's a very good question. At this point, I don't know. I've hacked this together last night. It's more a "get this on the screen as fast as I can" type of experiment than a sustainable tootwall. But, I'd love to have other people poke at it. And of course, get automatic gifs in there. The trick, it seems, is Mastodon converts gifs to mp4 gifv. So I might have used the wrong html tag to display it. :blobthinkingcool:

@ckluente Ok, we have autoplaying gifs now. Check it out! tootwall.glitch.com

And carousel of toots for @pduldig ;)

@judeswae @ckluente @pduldig Do you think you can make this a little more space efficient? I get the linear appeal of the timeline, it doesn’t have a “wall” feeling though..

@mheiber @ckluente @pduldig What do you mean by "space efficient". Right now, I'm going for the "fullscreen slideshow of toots" type of feeling.

@judeswae @ckluente @pduldig it’s just a list, from top to bottom, there’s a lot of space from left to right.. I was thinking how about several toots in one row.. left to right, until you’re starting with the next row

@judeswae @ckluente @pduldig it would turn it into more of a “wall”.. right now it’s a feed..?

@mheiber @ckluente @pduldig I'm moving away from the feed. It's an individual toot slideshow at the moment.

@mheiber @ckluente @pduldig The feed was the quickest thing I could come up with for Friday. But the goal is to have a toot being readable from 5-10m away when displayed on a large flatscreen.

@judeswae @ckluente @pduldig I see, okay.. I thought it’d serve a different purpose. My bad 🤗

@judeswae Where is “we”? I want to work somewhere that values the Fediverse.

@morganth Hey. The "we" is ThoughtWorks, a tech consulting company. And you're welcome to join us. What do you do?

@tagadmin Sure. Also could do it. But we mostly have horizontal ones in the office. So designing first for those.

@judeswae that is awesome use of a TV set. 😉

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