There is only one "ride share" application in . It's called MyTaxi and only works with taxis, as you guessed. Well, they were charging ~2% of the rides to the drivers. But from May 1st, they are jacking up the cost to 12% of the total bill. Let's see how's that going to play out.

@judeswae do the drivers get insurance and other benefits?

I'm that case I'm totally okay with that

@maloki I don't know about the status of taxi drivers. But it seems a pretty well regulated. So I guess they have all these advantages. I'm just shocked the app that has monopoly on the market is augmenting their share by 10% and drivers have no choice but accept or walk out.

@judeswae Public transport and bike sharing are fantastic in Barcelona though.. ideally you don’t need to share a car/call a taxi

@mheiber Yeah. For sure. I'm just shocked that there is a monopoly on the taxi app and that they are going to change their commission by 10%. That's a huge lost for taxi drivers who have no choice but accept or step out of the deal.

@judeswae There’s also Cabify.. and you can always call them 😉

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