Just want to warn everyone, over the next 4 days, I will be at the Libre Graphics Meeting. So expect me to post about it quite often. I'll use the hashtag for those who want to follow or mute it.

@judeswae There's a train from Paris to Barcelona? That's amazing!

@mheiber with the ICE and the TGV. It's super fast. Free wifi in the train. Room for legs. Nice landscape. A bar. And no security controls, waiting in line, turning off devices, etc. ;)

@judeswae I know! I'll definitely consider it the next time I'm going to Barcelona, thanks!

@mheiber Yeah. I want to encourage some colleagues to do this. It seems like you can have a productive day of work, enjoy the ride and do something for the planet at the same time. :)

@judeswae Oof, it's pricey though .. 291 EUR one-way from Cologne, with discounts? 😓

@judeswae And it's almost 12 hours too because of a bad transfer in Paris 😞

@mheiber Oh, really. I was lucky with Saarbrucken then. It's 200€ round trip. Plane was 400€. With these fast trains, like with planes, the earlier you book, the cheapest it gets.

@mheiber I maybe should have thought about making a detour via some of our german offices. :) But it slipped my mind. I guess I also secretly expected some TWers would join me here. 😁

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