@mheiber, @effye and myself have just sent the news about this instance to the whole company. So, expect a lot of newcomers.

And to all , welcome .


@mikegyi Haha. Awesome. And welcome . Happy to answer questions if you have any. :)

@mheiber @effye

@judeswae @mheiber @effye

Well...firstly, I should've probably set my account up via ThoughtWorks rather than Mastodon 🤦‍♂️

I have a toot.thoughtworks called @mikegyi_1

Any idea how to change this one to the ThoughtWorks one? I've set up a re-direct on @mikegyi_1 - is this enough?

@mikegyi @judeswae @effye Yes, that's enough .. all of them are powered by a software called "Mastodon", you just created an account on another instance.

Forwarding your account is the right way of indicating to others you have "moved"

@mikegyi @judeswae @effye Looking at it though, you have indicated that your ThoughtWorks account ( @mikegyi_1 ) has moved towards the other instance .. did you want to do it the other way around?

@mheiber @judeswae @effye @mikegyi_1

The other way around and I'd like to drop the '_1' from the ThoughtWorks username, if possible


@mikegyi You have to indicate from your mastodon.social account that you've moved to Tootworks and remove that indication from the tootworks account.

As for the _1 added to your username, it happens with some accounts. And I'm not sure why. I suppose a race condition at the creation of the account and Mastodon already thinks there is an existing mikegyi account and appends _1 to create a new one. But it's pure speculation. Unfortunately, we can't change that.

@mheiber @effye @mikegyi_1

@judeswae @mheiber @effye @mikegyi_1

That'll teach me for being too Mastodon-eager after our conversation and going at it alone.

I'm now asking for forgiveness and I guess I will forever be known as the underscore one.

@mikegyi @mheiber @effye @mikegyi_1 Haha. Just to be clear, the _1 is not related to the creation of another account on a different instance. You can have multiple accounts with the exact same username on different servers. Something during the creation of accounts on tootworks created that "bug". It's hard for us to say if it's coming from Okta or something else. I can assure you're not the only one with a _1 attached to their username :)

@mikegyi @mikegyi_1 So what have you decided? You use the mastodon.social or the tootworks? You can also use both ;) I do have this "professional" one and a personal one.

@mheiber and @effye also have at least 2 active accounts afaik.

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