@judeswae this doesn't open for me for some reason, and the console shows a 403 while it's calling its API. Tried both with and without a VPN, from different browsers too. I surely can't be the only one?

@judeswae Pity it's such negative publicity :(
Good to hear more people are joining in though! that's always good news ^ ^

@judeswae Yup! Under a fascist regime India is so most are coming here now. This is my first TOOT :P

@vikramjeetsinghparmar I suggest you install a Mastodon app on your mobile device. It helps staying connected. joinmastodon.org/apps

@judeswae installed Amaroq. Works like a charm.

More people to follow from India ;)

@vikramjeetsinghparmar @judeswae wow so much tolerance towards others.😂😂
By the way who told u i am modi support ( bhakt as u call them)?
He is not doing anything he should do.

@judeswae "far more than the 140 on twitter" "you are greeted by Rochko’s post and realise that by default everyone follows him" The problem, on the Web, is that people are not always knowledgeable.

@bortzmeyer Are they saying anything meaningful in this thread? So many tweets for so little information is concerning.

@judeswae "We work very hard We take your privacy seriously We are committed We have policies". Code of conduct and terms of use in less than a full toot.

@bortzmeyer Also, "we don't understand sarcasm nor irony especially in images". But that still fits a tweet.

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