The experience of installing an external device on a machine hasn't changed since 1995, minus the use of foppy disks. I just went through a cycle of multiple programs opening with weird messages and warnings telling me the connected device does not function properly. Rebooting. Reinstalling. That headset still does not function properly after 2 hours of trial and error. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


And I posted this from this account, because I'm not crazy, this is not my personal machine. This is the computer running windows 10.

@judeswae ho ... so it actually works well on linux comparatively ... > pretty plug and play nowadays with steam ... except sometimes some sessions of "consecutive kill/restart until it works" ... >> which is why it is important to have an independant driver from any platform as OpenHMD for any serious work in the end.

@Olm_e So, be careful here, you're replying to a post about Windows saying it works on Linux. You're excused because you know I'm a linux fan. But, between us, refrain from this in the future. It's this attitude that makes us Linux fan look bad.

Second, what you are telling me about your Vive linux experience does not sound much different than from the Windows one.

I'll get to install Vive on linux on that computer some day, but so far, I'm not thinking this is going to be easier.

@judeswae actually : I realy thought it would be easy to install this on W$ ... no fan-attitude here ...
the experience I describe is not about reinstalling for 2 hours (it's working straightforward), but more about some occasional weird OpenVR bugs specifically with godotengine custom app (I should have mention) - for steam games it "works" (for the few I tried - even with proton)

@judeswae is it a #bluetooth thing? BT always sucked unless using third-party some Bluetooth stack, probably not available these days for new Windows versions.

@judeswae oh, do you know endpoints does it have and which driver(s) try to attach? (I have to admit I check those things on #FreeBSD first)

@saper I'll have to look into that indeed. For now, I went home and left the thing hanging for later.

@judeswae installation of the vive has been super easy on windows with a steam account, in my xp... have you figure out what was the issue?

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