Thanks to the love and care from @mheiber, is now running on the latest Mastodon 3.x.x version.

Thank you Moritz! :blobcheer:


The big thing of having running Mastodon v3 is that people can now transfer their account more easily from one instance to another.

So if one of our employees leaves , they can bring their fediverse followers with them to their new employer's instance.

Also, if you have already an account with your current employer and decide to join ThoughtWorks, you can bring that account with you.

Of course, your previous or next employer needs to run v3 or higher ;)

@judeswae presumably it doesn't need to be just an employer's instance? but any v3 instance?

anyway, I was worried/thinking about this for a while, so that's really cool.

@egrasmed Yeah, it's any v3 instance. I'm just being a little snarky and wish there were more tech companies running their own. Would definitely make me consider keeping this a "pro" account, different from my "personal" one.

@judeswae ah, good to know!

yeah. i'd love for a mostly-worky instance where we use this similarly to how we use google chats or emails...

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A Mastodon instance running on ThoughtWorks infrastructure for its employees to interact with the Fediverse.