Today I was reminded that does not do colored shadows in .

And I want to cry and curl on my bed in foetal position.

@judeswae Why would you want that though? I'm just curious. When I think of a shadow, I always envision some shade of gray.

@ebolos because in the design I prepared, I used a colored shadow under the buttons. iOS has no issue displaying this.

Gray only shadows is a very limiting feature.

@judeswae Hahaha, what I meant is why did you design it like that? In real life, shadows are not really coloured.

@ebolos Interesting discussion. Actually, shadows in real life, do have colors. There is no such thing as a gray shadow. If we consider that there is only one light source and that lights does not bounce. Then a shadow is an absence of light and then it’s always black. But since light bounces off of objects, since there is always more than one light source, shadows are always tainted by the ambient light that exists, the bouncing of light on colored obejcts, etc. Gray-only shadows is wrong ;)

@judeswae Okay, you are right, I was wrong, so I learnt something today :P This video also helped me better visualise this: But going back to the colour of your shadow, if I got this correctly, doesn't that mean that your ambient light is not white then? I am really curious of how your design looks like, maybe that's something you can share over a Zoom call :P

@ebolos Glad you learned something ;) I’m a big fan of color theory and physics.

I’m happy to show my designs over zoom. Let’s book some time. And I’ll explain to you why I chose a colored shadow.

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