This week, I've learned that the pipeline is the lifeline of any agile delivery team.

Our pipeline was broke for 5 consecutive days and the team just went haywire as the days went by. Frustration, confusion and distrust started to pile up.

And believe me, it's not that nobody was trying to fix it. But a coincidence of diffrent factors made the whole thing quite hard to get back on track.

A good lesson.

@judeswae Pipeline red means all-hands on deck in any team I have any part in .. that, and visualizing pipeline health

@mheiber Yeah. They were almost all on it. Trying to fix it. As for the visibility of it, it's an issue. You gave me the idea to bring it up and solve that.

@judeswae Cannot recommend Nevergreen enough as an initial step:

Has support for most of the popular build systems and hosted CI/CD platforms

@judeswae That sounds entirely too true. It's all about the flow.

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