Just tested for remote collaboration with a colleague. And it absolutely does not work. Everything is so broken at the moment, I wonder how this could even pass the vetting process. Maybe it's just bad luck, but this will need some serious work to pretend to be a "productivity tool". Feels more like a nice bedroom hack than anything usable.

@judeswae I suppose it will take 1 to 2 more years to actually understand the technology, reach a level of practicability and accessibility before this is really enabling something as nearly productive as working in an office together is today.

Getting it out now might have been a decision to catch the hype train and give a first answer to todays pressing problems. It's debatable if that does more harm than good

Apart from that I'm excited (hyped) about the future of VR

@w4tsn Exactly. The thing is there are so many proposals in this field at the moment. And they all promise something they can't deliver. Some do it better than others though. But that's not the case of ImmersiveVR.

I do prefer Half+Half's approach in making a truling mesmerizing social experience in VR. And yes, it feels more like an "experience together" than a tool. But that really delivers some truly interesting in VR without shooting itself in the foot.

@judeswae and those tools a really important to get not only tech savvy people on board but to give a reasonable starting point. It's a vast field of possibilities but we probably shouldn't get ahead of ourselves and deliver more solid, although more simple solutions, from where we can explore new interactions and methods to actually enhance office / collaboration situations

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