I have a feeling that remote meetings of more than 8 people just don’t work, if you expect "equal" participation. It feels like in the end 1 or 2 people drive the thing. 2 or 3 participate. The rest is just sitting back and... whatever.

And I’m being generous when I say 8. If I sum these numbers. 5 is the most. So split your meeting attendance in group of 5 if you really need people to participate and contribute. Anything else, I’ll be checking my email or writing toots. ;)

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@judeswae what about in person meetings? Are the numbers much higher?

@treppo I think it should be higher. Although not by much. But body language and other non-verbal modes of communication are ways of participating in a conversation. But zoom just filters those by default. ;)

@judeswae I think that people also organize things spacially more than they realize: "I haven't heard from this side of the room."

In theory VR could fix that, but it isolates you from all your other tools. So unless everything is VR, that doesn't work.

@ted I’ve tried VR meetings. And I doubt VR will fix this. At least, with the current state of tech. I was in a meeting room with my boss and a colleague. And we kept running around after each other in virtual space ;)

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