Within the eco-system, software is doomed.

Unless your binaries are signed and certified by $APPL, Mac users will have to jump hoops to get it running on their system.

On top of that, if your software accepts incoming connections from the outside, you’ll have to tell the to authorize connection, every time you run the software. E.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e. (Unless you disable that firewall)


@frankiezafe It’s a fast process. The devs sign the apps.

I tried to get this signing rights for Polymorph stuff. But the process to get AppleDevID and all was too cumbersome and expensive.

I did not want to pay the fees and all.

@frankiezafe Last time I checked it was $50/y (but who cares) and you need to be in possession of an Apple device.

The second requirement is the worst tbh.

@judeswae clear! :D it's more like 700$ + 50$ to have the privilege to be an apple dev...

@frankiezafe Which Apple device costs only $700? I don't think Airpods count as an Apple Device ;)

@judeswae the new max mini m1, it's the basic for developpers, saw some in windows based companies

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