A colleague just left the zoom call for a minute, and I'm left with a view of their place.

I think it's a great idea to have a mirror behind you in a video call. It creates an impression of multiple layers of reality. Very inspiring

"This website contains stock photographs for illustrative purposes only."


Yes and... ?

rant gmail 

No, , I don't want to do chats and video calls, when I'm looking at my emails. Can I have a "Cancel", "Delete" or "Refuse" button. Thank you.

Here is a good visual summary of why all those enterprise chat apps probably created more problems than they solved.

The fact that there is absolutely no way to turn all notifications truly off (you will always receive mentions. looking at you @all trigger keyword).

And that the "notify less" option has a checkbox to be notified more. 🙄

A colleague left me hanging on with a virtual background on. And Zoom did not know what to show me. Created this beautiful and unexpected landscape

People on Slack: Let me type a message with the @here keyword in the channel so that everyone will be notified.

Me: How do I unsubscribe from this channel?

: Sorry, you can’t unsubscribe from the General channel. We’ve created this channel so that everyone is in it.


Absolutely love this for a project folder/file structure and code explorer.


It builds diagrams inside voroni diagrams.

Just discovered that has developed a clone for enterprise intranets.
They called it yammer.com

Which the English dictionary defines as "to talk continuously for a long time in a way that is annoying to other people".

The future of looks great. We’re all soon going to be spending time in meeting rooms that look as fun as the pre-covid ones. Yeay.
</sarcasm> ;)

There is a dev, on the client side, that takes video calls with headphones with cat ears.

And I’m kind of jealous.

I put myself a reminder in a few days ago. I don’t remember about what. Send

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