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We should make sure that anyone working in a tech company has at least a high level understanding of the network stack. Really. They can use images if they want. I don’t care. But it would simplify so many discussions.

lockdown marketing 

Assessing medical mobile apps for work at the moment. This is what one was sending as notification today.

The hotel TV channel is going through some kernel panic, or so it seems.

Since this page was published, everyone is talking about tracking its users

But nobody's talking about this graph:


I don't usually read or buy Wired magazine. But I bought this month's UK edition because of an article about Karen Palmer, former resident artist, featuring the project she developed during her residency.

I'm pleased to have been part of the team that helped her achieve this and that we landed a mention of that project in this famous pop tech magazine. :)

Inter font by Rasmus Andersson is a sans-serif that comes with some dynamic metrics suggestions on how to use it.

I'm surprised at how well it still looks at very small sizes.

Love to draw my colleagues while on a remote call. They tend to stand still in front of the camera and don't notice I actually draw them.

Makes meeting notes more enjoyable to look at.

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